The Restaurant is called Al Fierale because till the ’60 years in front of it there was a large square for a Fair livestock. The building, built in 1575, was restaured preserving the original Renaissance system.

Expecially in the cave that once was the place to mature a particular cheese “pecorino di Pienza” people can breathe again evocative atmospheres. Nowdays the small cave is used as privée to taste a mixed salami and cheese plate with a very good glass of wine.


“Al Fierale” – Toscana Grill is open:

12.00 a.m.   2.30 p.m.

7.00 p.m.   9.30 p.m.


There are 30 seats inside and 12 outside but into the old walls of Historical centre of Pienza and under a very old grape planted in 1800.